Add leviia as provider for s3 object storage

Hello everyone,

I tried to add Leviia as object storage provider, but I can't push my branch, I think the project is preventing me from doing so, is it possible to find a way to send my branch or to add the Leviia project?


Have you created Pull Request?


I tried but : ERROR: Permission to rclone/rclone.git denied

It is unfortunately issue on your end you have to solve. There is nothing on rclone side preventing new PRs.

Done , sorry my gpg key was outdated

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I'm going to ask my question here rather than open a new post.

I don't see the documentation on the official site category: -> Supported providers and Amazon S3, the build for the website is done via a new release or did I miss something in my commit?

I think you are correct - docs will be updated only with the next release.

Your PR might be merged - does not mean docs reflect it. Merged now means it is in beta. Documentation only refer to released version.


Yes I wasn't sure but thanks for the confirmation!

You can see the docs for the master branch at - these will become the main docs at the point of release.

Okay, maybe I missed something, because I don't see Leviia Object Storage in the "Supported vendors" category on

You need to click on the page you've actually submitted the PR for:

Yes, for that, I can consult my documentation, but for here:

You are right it is not listed on the front page. Because you did not add it in your PR.

This is docs/content/ file.

Thanks you, i will add it in my other PR ! Sorry for this !

I should really add a doc on how to add an S3 provider since it comes up so often...

I think I've got it now: doc: Add Object storage to Leviia on by bbenjamin-sys · Pull Request #7143 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

I think I've broken something: Amazon S3 I'll fix it!

Fix for this mistake : doc: Fix Leviia block by bbenjamin-sys · Pull Request #7146 · rclone/rclone · GitHub
Sorry again ! :roll_eyes:

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