Add an ADB remote type to rclone

Android phones can connect to a PC by ADB or wireless ADB, then 'adb shell ls -l /sdcard/' command can be used to list the phone's directory, and adb push adb pull can be used to upload/download files to phone.

ADB is really faster than the MTP device connection. So I'd like to ask adding a remote type 'ADB' for accessing phone.

There is an issue about this:

There is also some code: which I haven't tried but it certainly used to work!

Thanks. I ran some adb test again, turned out it could fail when it meets filenames with unicode characters. The adb (windows binary) uses GTK encoding, and the Android uses utf-8, so that they conflicts.

The only solution is changing the adb sourcecode and recompile, which is a lot of hazzles.

So I thought it in a rush, integrating adb may not be a sensible idea for now.

Well if someone wants to pick up that branch it is available.

It could always be a plugin for rclone too.

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