Activate Gzip compression on the fly with the "Serve" command

Hello, I often use rclone to transfer data from one machine to another quickly.
in general, the bandwidth between these two machines is limited.
if Serve HTTP allowed Gzip compression (Accept-Encoding, Content-Encoding), the transfer could be optimized ^^

I don't know if this could be applied to other modes (Webdav, sftp, ...)

voila, I hope not to have generated a duplicate request.
thank you again for this wonderful tool;)

This is an interesting idea :slight_smile:

Can you open a new enhancement issue on Github about it please.

Thank you

it's creating: Activate Gzip compression on the fly with the “Serve” command · Issue #5777 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

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If implementing I would love to see it include zstd. Way more efficient than gzip.

I think gzip is the only compression method that is widely supported for HTTP. I may be wrong so if you know otherwise please reference me up :slight_smile:

Yeah seems zstd has not yet made it to browsers, but Brotli seems supported pretty widely.

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