ACD Plex only big files / transcoding is working

Hi there,

I am having a problem playing small files with Plex over rclone with ACD.

I am using Plex directly against rclone/ACD (no unionfs or something else in between). My current mount settings are:

/usr/bin/rclone mount --config /some-path/.rclone.conf --allow-other --acd-templink-threshold 0 --buffer-size 1G --max-read-ahead 1G --timeout 5s --stats 1s --log-file=/var/log/acd.log acds: /media

I am using the crypt module for ACD, to crypt my files.

The problem is, that I can play every file without delay (starting in 2-3 seconds) if using transcoding, OR if the file is around 12-13-14 gb (not sure how big it is exactly).

Small files do not even start. They only run fine using transcoding.

Does someone else have had those problems before, or could give me a hint?

Thanks & regards

i am seeing the same behaviour. super quick playback with transcoding below 3s, especially with large files (movies). without transcoding, the same file might take 9-30 seconds to start playing.

i didn’t really see the same speed with small files, e.g. shows. they are rather slow to load with or without transcoding, i.e. usually between 6 and 30 seconds.

i experience the same… i suppose there is no fix for this. anyone? :confused:

as many others, i have switched to google drive. the loading time median has reduced drastically. i rarely wait more than 10 seconds now and most stuff loads in under six.

yeah i’ve been hearing that… thanks for the respone! its just unfortunate as I dont have a google drive :confused:

I was having trouble when direct playing files and was told that it might be a problem with the file. I store my media as mkv’s with one video and one audio stream.

I ran the files through mkclean and it greatly improved my direct play function. There should be a similar program for mp4 files.