ACD Mounted Plex Slow Refresh Library

Not sure where this would go, but anyone have any suggestions on why it takes so long to update my plex library from ACD? I have all my files in ACD and am slowly deleting them from my local drive and adding the new mounted folder to plex, but it has been about a day and is still refreshing plex server.

I am using a plugin for my unraid server but the mount portion of the script looks like this:

rclone mount --max-read-ahead 1024k --allow-other $remoteshare $mntpoint &

Are there settings I can add that will help speed up the refresh time in plex? Playback seems fine from what I have tested

Anyone with thoughts. Decided to just let it try and refresh, been refreshing for a week and still not finished.

Does read only speed this up at all?

Maybe you could use -v and log file to check whats going on.

p.s. Are you using encryption

Ya I am using encryption. I have actually adjusted my mount to look more like yours in your Best Mount thread and changed it to read only to see if that helps