ACD is unlimited storage is closing

logged in to ACD website saw:
Your Amazon storage plan is changing Amazon no longer offers an unlimited storage plan. You can stay on your existing plan until the end of your subscription, or visit Manage Storage to see the new plan options. Prime members’ unlimited photo storage benefit is not changing.

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That’s subject line is misleading. ACD Unlimited is closing forever. Perhaps they’d be willing to unban Rclone now that the data hoarders will be gone. I certainly hope so.

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The datahoarders WILL be gone in about one year, starting from today.

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datahoarders move to google and it will happen same thing there sooner or later…


I doubt it, google cost alot more, and google is alot larger than amazon, amazon should stick to what they know - retail

Amazon only knows retail? Lol. You realize that more than one-third of all daily Internet usage accesses a site running on AWS, right? And that estimate was in 2012.

They stll do not compare to google who’s purpose is the cache the worlds internet. Amazon just pissed of a bunch of regular customers by cancelling this service. The service wasn’t even available for a year we use them at my job for databases, and imo performance is garbage but the price point is decent.

They only pissed off people with more than 1 TB of space. Others are still paying the same amount. Most people don’t have more then a TB.

Interesting, even without my media i am at about 5TB i am pretty sure most people in fact anyone who backs up their files on the regular has more than 1 TB of a data. Doesn’t matter to me I purchase gsuites and paid for the 5 users as one so I am fine.

I edited the title to reflect this.

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Amazon UK still offers unlimited storage on ACD with a three month free trial.

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Well, G-Suite TOS says that you will have “unlimited” cloud storage if there are 5 or more users in your suite. They can always change the TOS lol