ACD Crypt to Google Drive Migration

Hi all

Following the rclone ban, I wish to migrate my data (around 15 TB) from ACD to Google Drive.

I have the GDrive account set-up already, but I wanted to ask what my options are for transferring all this data across (my home connection is far to slow so it would need to be via a 3rd server).

I’ve done some reading in the forums and I understand my 2 options are either through Google Cloud platform (using odrive?) or with acd_cli. Is this correct or am I missing something?

I set-up the Google Cloud platform but I thought it was very confusing and couldn’t really find a detailed guide. Can anyone link or provide detailed instruction on how to do this? I’ve never tinkered with the platform before and the number of options are daunting…

I have a Hetzner server so I could do this with acd_cli. Am I able to mount the drive with acd_cli? any guides on how to do this though?

Thanks for your help.