ACD alternatives

After 2 years of unlimited ACD, I have to leave Amazon.
I am using ACD to backup remotely my 4 TB NAS (12.000 folders, 180.000 files).

What are the best alternatives aroud considering the price?
I could setup a new secondary NAS in another building, but I wish to avoid it.


G Suite is probably going to be your best bet, though it is double the price ($10/mo or $120/yr vs. ACD’s $60/yr) and you need a domain.

are you sure?
I am not, because most I am aware that G Suite offers unlimited space only if you buy 5 o more users, if less than 5, then there is 1 TB/user
Here I should pay 8 €/month x 4 user = 4 TB = 384 €/year… more than 400 $

Am i wrong?

You’re not wrong, but at the moment Google is not enforcing the 5 user requirement. I have just 1 user with 15TB+.

However, there’s no saying if/when Google will enforce it, so it can be risky.

are you saying that I “should” take the risk to pay for 1 user and hope thay will not limit my account to 1 TB ?

It’s not a very big risk. It’s likely that even if they do enforce the rule they’ll simply stop allowing you to upload any data. In essence giving you plenty of time to download your data and move it to another service you prefer (if one exists).

So I subscribed for G Suite \ 1 account and it says “unlimited”.
Connecting with NetDrive, it says 10 TB
Anyway, for my use case, 10 TB or unlimited is not a problem. 4 TB are enough so, if it will work, I will be happy.