Accidentally Moved To Wrong Folder

So, due to my own mistake, I have accidentally moved a bunch of data to an incorrect folder.
My current directory structure now mistakenly looks like this:
Instead of this:

To top it off, I have other data in GDriveEnc:/Media/Movies already.

So, I thought to myself that I’d go ahead and move the encrypted data folder, as it would be the same name as its parent. I did this, and ended up with 2 Media folders like this:

It didn’t overwrite / combine the directories, but made them out to be two identically named directories…

Is there a way to do this server side so that it would combine / overwrite the newerfolders into the current structure containing the olderfolders?

Thank you in advance.

Since no replies, I’ve already downloaded the data and re-uploaded it. Was more hassle than I wanted, but it gave me the idea to create a new additional API specifically for moving data around. Now I won’t mess up my mounts!

I’d probably do this with the drive web interface for a one off.

The web interface is what caused the two folders with the same names.

Just move the contents from one into the other is what I was thinking.

Sadly, the contents contained duplicate empty folders. I have been allowing my file moves to leave the empty folders in a local disk, so that those folders loaded faster. This also meant that when that directory structure got uploaded into the wrong place, it left the empty folders there too.

To expand on my directory structures that were:
GDriveEnc:/Media/Movies/newerfolders/folder1a/ (empty)

I would have had to do some serious scripting in the google cli to get this all cleared up… In the end, it’s resolved now, but I was hoping for something that would work for the next poor soul.