Accessing Yandex Disk trash folder in rclone remotes

I want to access a Yandex Disk trash (all files here encrypted with RClone) but i don't know how to acces it with it's API
Encrypted trash files look like this on web interface

I want to access this trash directory from phone (Termux) or PC and view these files unencrypted

Trash folder doesn't exist in "yandex" remote, nor in the yandex "webdav" remote when i access my files
The v1/disk/trash/resources exists in Yandex Disk API but somehow it doesn't implemented in rclone yet.

We didn't implement looking in the trash with the yandex backend yet. I don't know if it is accessible via a webdav path - you might be able to make a webdav root which accesses the trash.

If you want to try an experiment to access the trash, try search and replacing /resources with /trash in the yandex backend source code.

I have checked their API today and somehow returns 404 error when i request any file in the Trash on their API page, maybe Yandex "GET" method for /v1/disk/trash/resources was disabled so on rclone it will not work.
There no way that I recover any files from Trash with API, and it looks like Trash accessible only from web interface

:frowning: that is annoying. It is probably a bug rather than deliberately disabled I expect. You could try reporting it.

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