Accessing Google Drive folder

I’m accessing a shared folder on google drive, but through a custom website (not google drive directly).

I have folder ID and permission ID. Is it enough to access that folder directly from google drive website or Rclone?

Hmm. I don’t think so, but not 100%. The rclone config process goes to Google to auth the drive. I’m not sure you can change that as that is how it handles the oauth login.

How are you getting access to a Google Drive without authing through Google though?

There’s a website. I log in with my login and password (not google drive related) and I can view the folder and files that I have access.

I don’t think you can auth like that, but lets see if @ncw has some other magic.

Cool! I have some videos to download from that (from class), but that gui is very slow! Takes forever and can only download 1 file at once.

Thank you, @Animosity022!

Please, show us some magic, Mr @ncw.


You can put a folder ID into rclone easily enough with

  --drive-root-folder-id string   ID of the root folder

I’d try that first…

I’m not sure what exactly a permission ID is though - do you have a link to docs for that?

However, I don’t have access to that folder directly.

It feels like that website, which I’m accessing the folder from, uses another user to allow me to browser the files.

If I try to access directly, it asks me for permission access.

For instance, this is the link from a file:

And this would be a folder ID: 11tIP9xIDEA0TQTNXofkywLs95bp3HtGs

You could play around with rclone copyurl and see if you can from the website.

@calisro Will try that.

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