Access problem to mounted cloud storage


I created successful an entry to access Microsoft OneDrive storage. I see my files with
rclone ls RolfsOnedrive:/
Also the mount command
rclone mount RolfsOnedrive: $HOME/onedrive
gives me successful access to my files via $HOME/onedrive. But the next command fails:
LANG=C tar cvzf . $HOME/onedrive/transfer/foo.tar.gz
The error:
Cannot stat: No such file or directory
First call of “tar” on the local file system and moving the result to $HOME/onedrive works. I use Linux (a resent kernel). “rclone” has the version 1.39 (go1.9.2). What’s wrong here? Thanks in advance.




I think if you use v1.40 which has been released with the --vfs-cache-mode writes this will probably work. If not then please post the log. Thanks.


I updated to version 1.40 and with the --vfs-cache-mode writes it works like expected. Wouldn’t it be useful to have this mode as default for all or for some mounting destinations?



There are tradeoffs… Namely it uses more local disk space etc… But for a more compliant file system you need it. The docs go into some detail about the tradeoffs.