About sync, transfer resume nd checksum

Apologies if this is documented but I can't find it anywhere...

I have set up rclone + rclone_crypt towards my cloud provider (Pcloud)
Apart from mounting the volumes I'm not experimenting the direct sync. As a rsync old wolf the comparison stands out. The first think that I noticed is that:

  • pcoud doesn't support checksum verification (strange I'm sure they do this natively on their client). Is there anything perhaps I can add to the parameters to make this working?

  • I'm running the command in -P (progress) and I have noticed that killing it in the middle and restarting makes the transfer starting from 0%. Any way to have the sync resumed instead?


Hard to tell as you deleted the help and support template so we really don't know anything other than you are running pcloud and have an error.

You are right I should have follow the template. Apologies I will pay more attention next time.

But regardless:

  • I'm on version 1.62.2

  • Pcloud is the cloud provider

  • This is the command I'm running:
    rclone sync -P --delete-after --fast-list --order-by 'name' --bwlimit=3M /mnt/raid5/data pCloud_encrypted:rclone/data

iCloud does support hashes, however crypt doesn't which is where the problem is I think.

Rclone can't resume uploads yet.

Just to clarify it's Pcloud not iCloud, but anyways the cryto part makes sense.
Looking forward to the resume/checksum over crypt :slight_smile:

As an additional feedback it makes more sense to limit the transfer to 1 by default against a cloud (or crypt) that doesn't support resume. Transferring 4 files at once and stopping them means transferring all of them when re-starting.
With 1 file at the time we lose only the part transfer of that file. More efficient that's all.

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