About protection of my files on google drive remote

Hi everyone,
I've installed rclone on my shared seedbox with Linux OS
Can I protect my files and folders on my remote " Google Drive"?
I've set client id & secret id on my configuration.
I'm asking that because I've noticed that some videos had been deleted from my drive, and I don't know how this happened?
So I've deleted my remote and added it again in new configrution with client id & secret id.
Is that fair enough to prevent others from accessing my files & folders on my remote "Google Drive"?
or there any other configuration I've to apply to protect my files out of other hands?

What command did you use to mount your drive?

I've created a password to encrypt my configuration file of Rclone.
Is that enough to protect my files and folders on my remote?

What's the command you used to mount your remote?

I don't understand what you really mean?
I'm using the default SSH commands for Rclone suchh as " rclone copyto ", rclone purge" ,etc.
My Drive is my Google Drive account.
Can you tell me what you mean about last question?
I've set an encryption for my configuration file of rclone, is that fair enough to prevent anyone from accessing any file or folder on my remote ?
Thank you sir.

So you have a shared seedbox and you think someone had access to your rclone.conf
You normally use a rclone copy command from your seedbox to your google drive. You do not mount the Google Drive on your shared seedbox per your last commment.

If you think someone can access your history and see the commands you type, if you encrypted it on the seedbox, they can most likely see your password you typed in. If you want to be sure, encrypt the config somewhere else and transfer it as you know for sure.

Do you mean that my remote is still available to be accessed by others?
but the password I've typed on my seedbox not visiable when I write it.
May you give me some advises for protect my drive?

It all depends on how paranoid you want to be.

If you think someone accessed your unencrypted rclone.conf on a shared seedbox, it's not that far to assume they can see what you are typing.

If you want to be paranoid, create a rclone.conf on your own personal computer, encrypt it and copy to your shared seedbox.

If the rclone.conf was comprised, I assume you revoked the bad client id/secret from your GSuite account.

Yes I've encrypted my remote when I created it yesterday, and I checked rclone.conf and downloaded it
Then I opened it on Notepad, and this was the text inside it.

Encrypted rclone configuration File


I've entered client ID and secret ID.
Should I delete them?

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