About Google Photos Limitations

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I've heard about rclone years ago, and now I'm thinking about my photos backup. After reading the Google Photos documentation, there is Google Photos Limitations :

Note that all media items uploaded to Google Photos through the API are stored in full resolution at "original quality" and will count towards your storage quota in your Google Account.

And here is from Google about photos backup:

Learn about changes to backup quality:
If you're signed in to your Google Account and use Google Photos on multiple devices, and you change your backup quality for one device, it won't affect the backup settings on any other device.

Pixel (1st generation):
You get unlimited storage in Original quality at no charge. You won’t be able to back up in Storage saver.

Then I'm thinking about this workaround:

  • buy Pixel (1st generation) since its quite cheap :rofl:
  • create new google account on it
  • install rclone in termux
  • create a remote for Google Photos
  • use the config on another devices

Is that possible to get unlimited backup with this ?

I was thinking to buy this old devices long ago just for backing up photos, but phone are useless for bulk operations like backup photos that taken from DSLR camera because you have to transfer everything to yor phone, and Pixel (1st generation) only has 128GB (max) memory.

No. It’s only unlimited backup with the google photos app on the pixel 1(or if you spoof your android device to be pixel 1). How would the rclone config on it be any different than any other device lol. It doesn’t work like that.

Only option is set up a sync to transfer files from your devices to a folder on the pixel 1 and then have the photos app backup that folder. I tried it and it worked okay. Then I decided to just buy the $15/mo Google Photos Unlimited plan

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