Ability to set mime type for extensions

Hey guys,

I'm trying to upload my HTML files without extension and have them set as content type application/html so when my s3 compatible bucket loads /privacy, etc. I don't have to show .html. I think it's cool! So in the rclone command, I'd like to add


so you can customize mime types


or for my case


obviously since extension is empty, this would match items without extension.

alternatively, one could supply a regex. I'm not sure how that would work.

is this a feature you guys would add? I could try myself, but don't have a lot of time to do it now. But shouldn't be too hard.

You should be able to add --header-upload "Content-type: text/html" to add a Content-type header to all files. You'd have to upload the non html separately but that is easy with rclone filters (--exclude "*.*" and --include "*.*")

Hm, it seems to be complaining about --exclude and --include... but with ChatGPT I have success! Thanks sir! I'm glad I didn't have to start a github issue.

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