Ability to disable directory calculation on `Features().About`

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The formal issue was In about command, the size of the root directory is different from the inner directory

What is your current rclone version (output from rclone version)?

Currently on rclone v1.64.0-DEV. (master, d0d41fe84745fabae98a99aa7806ce1d045305cd)

What problem are you are trying to solve?

disable drive/directory calculation by cli option.

How do you think rclone should be changed to solve that?

For this code,

For solving the formal issue, I've hardcoded return values like this:

return &fs.Usage{
	Total: fs.NewUsageValue(int64(2e15)),
	Used:  fs.NewUsageValue(int64(0)),
	Free:  fs.NewUsageValue(int64(2e15)),
}, nil

and running via --network-mode solves this, but this fix is partial since no --network-mode or vfs cache write mode will throw as low file free storages.

So, this doesn't solve the underlying problem. However, I don't think there's any other way to fix the problem that I'm experiencing I'm having than to modify the code. So, I'm asking to disable directory calculation cli option which makes total, used, free usage to hardcoded one.

I am not even sure it is rclone limitation - it is WinFsP (fuse) only reporting the available space of the top-level share directory and not reporting free space on a per-directory basis.

You can use similar workaround like here and mount individual directories to path.

After investigating, I'm not sure about subdirs having different capacities now.
So, I moved away from the current underlying issue and described the most likely solution.


--disable About
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Thanks, It seems to be working.

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