Ability to add CA bundle for Amazon S3 bucket access

Hello all, I have checked the doc and I couldn't find any env variable to add my CA bundle file so that it could access the s3 bucket with it along with my credentials. Do we have any env var like --ca-cert or --ca-bundle to do it from rclone end please ?

That's usually done on the OS. Can you expand a bit more on what you are trying to do?

There is

  --ca-cert stringArray   CA certificate used to verify servers

which you can set with RCLONE_CA_CERT

I second @Animosity022 request though - what are you trying to do?

Thanks @ncw, is there any reason why I can't find this env var RCLONE_CA_CERT or flag from the rclone docs ? I am trying to connect rclone from my ML server model and it fails with cert error

Could be plenty of reasons. Old version, wrong config, wrong command as that's we have that handy dandy help and support template.

The --ca-cert flag is documented in the main docs.

Here the docs tell you how to turn any flag into an environment variable

There is an FAQ entry about fixing cert errors which is an alternative way of fixing the problem and probably one I'd prefer.

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