A QUIC udp socket backend?

How about QUIC UDP file transfer as an alternative backend to using sftp or http/2 (i.e. TCP) ?
one could use sockets directly (more like sftp not via http/3)

I had github links to share but forum won't let me include them.

try searching at github

GO Related:
lucas-clemente quic
pion quic
example: FileFleet quic

QUIC also available in python, C and soon nodejs.

hello and welcome to the forum,

what cloud companies use that?
what file servers use that?

FileFleet does not seem to be an active project, no updates in two years...

Rclone will support http/3 which is pretty much QUIC when it lands in the go standard library which hopefully won't be too long.

What the provider support is like I don't know.

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