~66 gdrive accounts [total ~1TB free Gdrive] with rclone Union?

Hi, I'm trying the new behavior of rclone union, I'm going to create ~66 free google accounts, in order to get 1TB "virtual" drive to be used with the Union function.

At the moment is there a possibility to upload files into different drives using only 1 remote (with union function)? So when one gdrive is filled the second begins automatically to be used, and so on, until the required space for the current transfer finishes.
Is there the same feature with the download function when using "union"?

Is there any other solution that I can implement in linux in order to get the same behavior?

Nope. The new multiwrite union backed doesn’t have fail-over functions aka what you’re asking. I also want this.

I suppose it's more difficult than what I expected, there should be a sort of layer that tracks files across different drives and splits/rebuilt file pieces on the fly during download.. I suppose that what I ask it's a complex problem. If anyone have any idea, or also similar (but different) solutions should be a good starting point for me in order to revalue a compromise

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