3 different ways to hash

Curious why are there now so many different ways in rclone to hash a file?

There's md5sum, hashsum, checksum might be good to provide clarity on which ones to use in what use-cases or maybe remove one or two if redundant?

md5sum and sha1sum are just convenience functions, that call hashsum
cannot remove them as it would break backwards compatibility.

but here comes @ivandeex, so i will defer to him....

We implemented everything once requested and voted up by users.
It's mostly for compatibility and convenience.
Use whatever you deem useful for your case.

Core set

hashsum - print remote hashes
checksum - compare remote against sum file
check - compare hashes between two remotes

Shortcuts (just for convenience)

md5sum sha1sum
just aliases for hashsum md5/sha1
widely requested
for compatibility with unix coreutils

md5sum/sha1sum/hashsum -C
just aliases for checksum
converting printer commands into checksum checker
for compatibility with unix coreutils

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"3 different ways to hash"

and now there is the shiny new

Which is not a 4th way but makes handicapped remotes unable of hashing to join the party
(well my English sucks but you got the idea)

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...and people want even more compatibility with GNU coreutils. don't ask me why :smiley:

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