2nd rclone instance won’t copy from onedrive

I’m getting this error and haven’t been able to find it online.

2018/09/07 21:09:39 ERROR : : error reading source directory: couldn’t list files: unauthenticated: invalidAudienceUri: Invalid audience Uri ‘myonedriveurl’.

I can list everything on both accounts so I know rclone can see the remotes. I just can’t copy or sync

*I changed the actual url to myonedriveurl

these are both business accounts.

I have it working locally in unraid but can’t get it working in a vps where the internet connection is way faster.

encryption is set up with the same passwords on both remotes. I get the same error if I try copying encrypted folders or unencrypted.

any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the latest beta? That has completely re-done the onedrive auth to use Microsoft graph. If you aren’t using it then it would be worth trying it. Note you’ll have to re-authenticate your remotes (just run rclone config on them again).

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How did you configure the VPS? Did you copy the config file? That should work properly if you did.