1fichier to google

Is it possible to transfer data from my premium 1fichier account to my google drive account?

hope you guys can give me an answer.



  1. create a 1fichier remote, let's call it 1fichier
  2. create a gdrive remote, let's call it gdrive
  3. rclone move 1fichier: gdrive:

Okay it worked but the speed is very slow how is that even possible?


Or is this normal?? it is the same if i do copy or move....

good, that worked,
as for slow speed,

you need to provide more info

  • what is your command?
  • post your config, redact any id, passwords and so on.
  • post a debug log
  • what is your internet speeds, up and down?
  • i know nothing about fichier and what speeds it can handle.
  • we can tweak your command, but you need to post it.
  • i know that, using a 1Gbps fiber optic connection, i can saturate it to gdrive.
  • about the files, what is the mix of small and large files. many cloud providers, such a gdrive, severely limit the number of files per second.

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