1Fichier Support

Saw this at LET.

10€ per year seems amazing.

Can rclone support 1Fichier and what do you think about 1Fichier?


I can’t seem to find any API on their site. I’m quite sure rClone needs some kind of API to make it work / to make it connect properly.

They have Devupload, but I don’t know if it helps

+1 for 1fichier support.
Also uptobox.com (5€/year) is really cheap!

Integration is possible. JDownloader (Open Source) can download from 1fichier.
Upload via FTP is also possible.

But I think creating folders per FTP isn’t.

There a several non-documented features (Login needed):

1fichier dot com/console/mkpath.pl
Lists paths of the user. With param “path” like /dir1/dir2/dir3 … Eg https://1fichier.com/console/mkpath.pl?path=FOLDERNAME creates Path “FOLDERNAME”

1fichier dot com/console/get_dirs_for_upload.pl
1fichier dot com/console/get_folder_content.pl LISTS ALSO FOLDERS
with param “id” (or nothing, will be id=0 => root folder of the user)

Each can be used with the session cookie, or “user” and “pass” (in md5) param

Link format is http: domain/?file_id or the old one http: file_id.domain
Do not make sessions (cookie)
Better use HTTP Basic Authentication (even if the server do not ask for).
Try the parameter e=1 on your links…

WEB Upload:
Identify using basic auth (you must force it)
Identify using POST variables “user” and “pass” (MD5)
Send files on the “incoming” folder of a registered user, fill the email on the “user” variable. (“pass” must be empty).

With this script you can delete all folders + files inside a folder (I think)


Looks like they have one now


Well, I got the 1 year Premium subscription for 10 Euros and tried the API. None of the examples provided work for me. I am always getting errors like this

C:\Users\olive>curl -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXXXXXXX" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -i https://api.1fichier.com/v1/file/ls.cgi -d '{"folder_id":0,"pretty":1}'
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Server: nginx
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2018 07:38:01 GMT
Content-Type: application/json
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: keep-alive

{"status":"KO","message":"Bad Parameters #41"}

Seems not ready for prime time yet :frowning:

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Looks better in Postman :sunny:

Do why didn’t it work in Curl?

No idea. But it’s cURL on Windows so there is the chance something is not right there :blush: . I don’t have access to a Linux or Mac system to test cURL. But if it works in Postman so the API should at least be fine.
Might give it a crack when I am back in the country mid January.


Would love to see support for 1Fichier. I got a premium account, and I would love to help!