1Fichier change upload domain

by default rclone uploads to 1fichier.com is it possible to change the default upload to 1fichier different domain?
eg: dl4free.com <<= 1fichier diffrent domain. so far i cant find any documents related to this matter hrclone /fichier/

Not possible today. You could create on github new feature request providing all required details.

Or even better create PR. It should not be very difficult. apiBaseURL has to made configurable using new rclone.config 1fichier flag.

It doesn't look like the API exists at any other domain.

https://api.dl4free.com/v1 goes to a resource not found page.

Rclone calls the /upload/get_upload_server.cgi to get the upload node which is where it pushes the files to.

Maybe there are parameters to that?

Why do you want do do this anyway?

alright because when i uploaded using ftp it gives me the domain i set but when i use clone it gives me 1fichier. @ncw i just want to change domain bevause in some area 1fichier is blocked. thanks guys @ [kapitainsky] too.

I see. Looking at the API I don't think they support this. Maybe you can only download from the other URLs?

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