1 drive, 1 server, multiple accounts?

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

No Problem just a Question

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)


Hello ... my Question is:

Can I running on my Server a Single Drive with multiple Accounts?
i want 1 User to download and 1 User with Plexdrive as a read only.

I can't find a way to use rclone in the perfect way for me because I don't use a multiple Server like others. I want do it all just on a local home server.

Can a drive get uses by multiple users in a local Server?

might create multiple client id/secrets.
for each id/secret, create a rclone remote.

or might be able to use one gdrive remote with two rclone mount
does that make sense?

create multiple client id/secrets isn't the problem I think.

mount it will be the problem ...

My Problem is ... I use only 1 Server and so all is running well but if I download files I need to upload it to the drives.
Plex is running slowly and if I want using PlexDrive is read-only

So I need to find a way to separate it ... how I can do that?

rclone mount gdrive01: /rclone/mountpoints/plex
rclone mount gdrive02: /rclone/mountpoints/plexdrive --read-only

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sure that's a simple but good Idea.
i will test it ... thank you

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