1.54 DNS issues again

so I go and attempt to try the pcloud dedupe by hash but again oddly I get 2021/02/02 ERROR : My Pictures/2013/03/2013_03_04_05.mp4: Failed to hash: failed to get hash: Get "https://api.pcloud.com/checksumfile?fileid=11585862595": dial tcp: lookup api.pcloud.com: no such host

which points to DNS issues, last time around I updated my network settings to use google DNS which "resolved" the problem. This time they are still set to google dns but I'm still seeing this issue.


2021/02/02 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.54.0" starting with parameters ["C:\\Program Files (x86)\\rclone\\rclone.exe" "dedupe" "remote:" "--by-hash" "--dedupe-mode" "oldest" "--log-file=C:\\Users\\Tony\\Documents\\log.txt" "--log-level" "DEBUG" "--log-format" "date, time, microseconds"]
2021/02/02 DEBUG : Using config file from "C:\\Users\\Tony\\.config\\rclone\\rclone.conf"
2021/02/02 DEBUG : Creating backend with remote "remote:"
2021/02/02 INFO  : pcloud root '': Looking for duplicate MD5 hashes using oldest mode.
2021/02/02 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 1/10 (error Get "https://api.pcloud.com/checksumfile?fileid=11748206732": net/http: TLS handshake timeout)

You'd want to check your machine and just validate DNS is working.

Like the previous error, it isn't really a rclone item but a local config thing in regards to DNS.

Perhaps check your router/machine/etc and restart some things.

Thanks - I'll keep poking around - this resolves each time without issue https://api.pcloud.com/currentserver

It will show them all at the end. The docs should probably mention this!

Made sure I had both ipv4 and ipv6 DNS pointing to google - process ran successfully overnight.

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