1.51 and newer breaks Elgiganten Cloud (Jottaclound)

Hi! I'm new but since 1.51 i can not use Elgiganten cloud, they used same login as jottacloud and their storage servers, just rebranded i guess.
From 1.52 notes: "removed remains from old auth" Is there a chance to get this back?
As Elgiganten Cloud still use the old Jottacloud login and that still works for me with 1.50.2. but 1.51 and later breaks that so i can't use with Elgiganten Cloud anymore.
Maybe reintroduce old jotta login and add new remote option for elgiganten cloud?
I think eventually elgiganten cloud will change their login to the one Jotta currently uses, but i am unsure of that.
Heres the client from windows store, basically jotta with old login: https://i.imgur.com/XbTaH3b.png
I would love to be able to keep rclone updated past 1.50.2 and still having this remote continuing to work :slight_smile:

I think this is the second report of this on the forum...Can you check out

There is a workaround you can try there.

If that doesn't work then please please make a new issue on github - thanks :slight_smile:

I have the same issue as the other guy in that thread, Elgiganten cloud still uses the old jottacloud way to login, there is no token only sms authentication (second factor) and that works up to 1.50.2 but later versions of rclone has that way of authenticating removed now and uses tokens instead that neither he nor i can get as we use old jottacloud way of authenticating still.

I don't think that issue got made yet? Care to do the honours @Krakkan - that is the first step in getting it fixed :slight_smile:

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