Would the Plex integration cache settings work with jellyfin?

I am aware of the Plex integration settings when using the Rclone cache:


Jelly fin seems quite similar to plex. Would I be able to use a jellyfin URL such as:

--cache-plex-url= http://localhost:8096/

and take advantage of the Plex integration or are these settings strictly for Plex only?

Plex and Emby/Jellyfin are two different products with different APIs so you can't just plug in the Emby/Jellyfin URL.

No real need to anyway as it just slows things down.

When you say- slow things down, do you mean using the plex integration settings in general slow down streaming or they would theoretically slow down jellyfin (if they were to work).

I have been reading this forum for days and looking at posts going back years looking for the best settings for streaming and I am confused between using the cache, using the vfs cache settings or using both of them together. It is a bit confusing. For example on the cache page, it describes using cache and vfs together as they are both different layers however in many posts I see people saying that the cache settings don't take any effect if you are using vfs, for say chunking files.

Do you know if there a current recommendation or best practice for using rclone with streaming? I was using plex but now that I have found an jellyfin I am testing with this now as I prefer an open source solution.