Winfsp auto-mounts rclone. How to make it stop?

I was testing rclone mount. Mounting an encrypted google drive as x:

rclone mount gde: x:

Working great. But it seems as the mount is started automatically with winfsp.

C:\Program Files (x86)\WinFsp\bin>fsptool-x64.exe lsvol
X: \Device\Volume{4939daf3-2b0c-11ea-a354-04d9f57d07de}

If i kill rclone (hidden) then it respawns.

I would like to change parameters on the mount - enabling caching, but how can i make winfsp stop auto-mounting the drive?

how did you run the rclone mount command the first time?
did you use task scheduler?
did you use nssm?

DOH, i have created a service with NSSM and forgotten all about it. Couldn't understand why my task failed.

Feeling stupid right now. Thanks very much.