Windows script restart after 24 hours

Hi, i'm just starting our with Rclone,

Everything is working fine but I have a 20TB library to migrate with Google Drive. I also have my daily Veeam backups uploading everyday.

As i'm limited to 750GB a day I was wondering if anybody know of a good way to terminate the Media transfer daily, upload my backups, then restart the media upload.

hello and welcome to the forum,

do you know about these flags?

i also upload veeam backups every day.
if you have any questions about rclone and veeam backup files, let me know

you can use task scheduler or nssm to run a script every 24 hours.

Yes, what I finally did is create 3 scripts:

1st Starts an rclone rcd with the web gui, bwlimit set to 8.5MB/s
2nd Starts an async transfer of my Media using the rc instance
3rd, runs after my veeam backups, lowers the bwlimit of the 1st script to 1kb/s, transfers my backups, then sets bwlimit back up to 8.5MB/s

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