Windows Mount GDrive Config

Hey Guys,

I'm running on v1.50.2 on Windows Server 2016 which is what I use for my file server. I'm also Plex user, but because GDrive offers File Stream, I've always stuck with it. However, because of my growing libraries and because of a few bans (it helped setting QoS on the Plex Scanner's process) I started looking at rclone mount (I've been an rclone user for a few years already).

I've done some research and there're so many switches that I'm wondering what's the best combination in my case. Note, my music library is pretty limited.

My current test-setup is:

  • Main GDrive remote, default config, own API
  • Cache remote
    • No plex URL/User/Pwd
    • Chunk Size: 5M (I read it maybe best to be set at 16M?)
    • Info age: 1 week
    • Chunk Total Size: 25GB
  • Mount options (mounting as SYSTEM)
    • --config c:\path\to\config
    • --allow-other
    • --allow-non-empty
    • --cache-db-purge
    • --buffer-size 64M
    • --dir-cache-time 72h
    • --drive-chunk-size 16M
    • --timeout 1h
    • --vfs-cache-mode minimal
    • --vfs-read-chunk-size 128M
    • --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 1G
    • --drive-pacer-min-sleep 120ms
    • -o uid=65792 (I use this to allow "Everyone" Full control as I then share the mounted folders with the Plex service account)

I read that because I use the cache remote, I should not be needing the --vfs options? Is this still the case with this version?
Also, I have a 240GB SSD laying around that I was thinking to use as caching location. Would that improve overall performances?
My plan was to fill the SSD up to say 90% and keep all of the latest files on it. Would that be possible [--cache-dir and --vfs-cache-mode full]?

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