Windows Install with Google Drive - Can't truncate files

I have RClone running with WinFSP and I have mounted the drive using the command “rclone mount gdrive:/ X: -v” I can open files from the drive but when I try to move a file to the drive I get an error that says “Can’t truncate files”.

What’s the cause/solution? Or what info can I provide to help find the solution?

The file system that rclone makes has quite a few limitations. These are limitations of the cloud provider itself thouhg - they can’t truncate files.

I plan to make a mode where rclone buffers writable files to disk which will fix these problems - in time for the 1.38 release hopefully.

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Was this feature delayed?

Rclone mount in 1.38 with Google Drive still states Can’t truncate files when moving files to it’s directory, and opening in read/write isn’t supported.

Yes it was delayed. it is in the latest beta - you’ll need one of the --cache-mode options - do rclone mount --help to see them.

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