Windows - cant start rclone "Access is denied"


I rebooted my windows vm to add some cache storage and now all of the sudden I cant seem to start the rclone.exe application.

C:\rclone>rclone.exe mount secure: F:
Access is denied.

is all im having returned.

windows server 2016 - running it as an admin user

anyone experienced this before?

Try running with -vv to see more logs which may or may not be helpful!

Is there an F: drive already maybe?

No F drive already.

-vv at the end of the cmd doesnt change anything. :confused:

Can you run any rclone command?

rclone lsd secure:

That probably means that you don’t have OS permissions to run rclone.exe for some reason.

Paraphrased from stack overflow:

Check the permissions of the rclone.exe program itself; Right click -> Properties -> Security -> (choose a user)
And check that Read & Execute is ticked.

Sadly that doesnt change anything either. I just set “everyone” to have full permissions.

No. I could earlier today before rebooting the VM. Really puzzling

Try downloading it again maybe?

If rclone didn’t print anything with -vv then I think it must be the OS or something wrong with the binary.

Maybe you have a virus checker or firewall which is disallowing it?

Super weird… but that worked. So yes, must have been a windows issue of some kind.

Thanks, help much apreciated :slight_smile:

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