Windows Cache Mount Free Space Sonarr

rclone: 1.42
winfsp: 1.3.18160
windows: 10 1803

I have Google Drive mounted using the cache backend. Windows explorer under "This PC shows a total disk size of the mount as 31PB. Right clicking and viewing properties shows an accurate used space, but shows “working” for free space and never shows an actual number for free space. Sonarr will not use a drive unless it can report its free space. The free space check is not something that can be disabled when running Sonarr on Windows (they claim the check is accurate on Windows so they hide the feature).

Is there some way to show a constant free space. Most apps always show a mounted “unlimited” Google Drive as having 10TB free.

Better yet is there some way to have the reported free space of the mount be the free space of a local drive. Then I could have it report as the current free space of the drive that contains the temp upload directory and things will pause until uploads clear up from temp.

Hmm this should be working… What kind of google drive do you have? Team, Personal, Business etc?

what do you get if you do

rclone about whateverYouCalledYourDriveRemote:

That is strange - the biggest the disk can be is 16 TB I think. I suspect the results from rclone about will shed some light!

It’s comical how much I use this program and always find out something new by reading through the forum posts. The about command rocks:

felix@gemini:~$ rclone about GD:
Used:    46.234T
Trashed: 17.955G
Other:   37.104M
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It is a business G Suite account. Quick update to the previous, the full disk capacity for the mounted cache shows is 31.9PB but fails to show the bytes, the used space shows as shown in the about commands, and the free space shows as 31.9PB and fails to show the bytes (screenshot below). It seems like the working status that never ends may be what sonarr is looking for and is unable to get a number from.

PS C:\rclone\rclone> .\rclone.exe about GoogleDrive: --config C:\rclone\.config\rclone\rclone.conf
Used:    53.603T
Trashed: 4.624M
Other:   67.715G

PS C:\rclone\rclone> .\rclone.exe about GDCache: --config C:\rclone\.config\rclone\rclone.conf
Used:    53.603T
Trashed: 4.624M
Other:   67.715G


type = drive
client_id = [REDACT]
client_secret = [REDACT]
scope = drive
root_folder_id = 
service_account_file = 
token = {"access_token":"[REDACT]","token_type":"Bearer","refresh_token":"[REDACT]","expiry":"[REDACT]"}

type = cache
remote = GoogleDrive:Media
chunk_size = 10M
info_age = 120h
chunk_total_size = 30G

I’d guess that is a Windows fuse thing? I can see:

gcrypt: 1.0P 47T 1.0P 5% /GD

on my mount on Linux/Debian.

Turns out it was far simpler. Sonarr running as a service cannot see the rclone mount event though the service was running as my user under the logon tab. I moved it to the startup folder instead as a work around.

Once I got the rclone mount running under nssm, both the user session version and service version of sonarr was able to see the mount.

That is good! So does the used/free space look OK now?

I think we are good. I think the “working” is just windows taking a long time to show the byte size, and the sonarr error was just misleading really saying that it couldn’t access the disk at all. Running with the correct permissions for a few days and things seem good. Thanks for the help, and amazing project.

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