Will rClone still run via SSH when my PC is off?

I know that rClone transfers will stop on a seedbox when my local PC running the SSH connection is turned off. But when running a dedicated server is there a way to prevent the SSH window closing when I turn my local PC off?

rclone runs on the the command line and the internet is full of guides

fwiw, i use tmux

If you are sshing into a remote machine and then running rclone on that machine to some other machine/cloud provider, you can use the screen command to run it without being connected.

screen rclone move drive1:/data drive2:/data will run the rclone move command in a "new window" that you can detach from by ctl-a d. To reconnect type the command screen -r and bing bang boom. When you are detached from the screen, you can disconnect from the remote machine and do whatever you want and the command will continue to run.

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