Why is playing/seeking faster on PMP

Anyone have any idea why playing/seeking movies/music is much faster on Plex Media Player than it is on a browser?

The difference in speed is night and day.

Is this with a rclone mount? Which remote?

Are both PMP & the Browser direct playing or transcoding?

yes, they are both direct play

Best option is always a rclone debug log and we can usually see why.

The other thing to think about is that the PMP player is a full blown client that has settings like cache size and such that allow a much smoother experience.


The web client, while not bad, is a cross platform thing that works in many spots and probably has a much smaller cache and it deals with files a bit different.

The rclone debug logs would show the open/closes and such.

Ok here's the debug log

And you need to share when you played with PMP and when you played with the browser with the start / stop times as I don't know when you played it to correlate with the log.

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