Why is crypt so slow?


In my case, I have used GDrive,

  • Normally I get a bit over 1MBytes/s upload.

  • Crypting the remote gives me 1-6kBytes/s upload.

Also accessing any directories and downloading anything is also slow.
I would get it, if I wouldn’t have enough resources, but every possible resource’s usage is under 5% (RAM naturally a bit more).

Why is rclone’s crypt so slow, what can I do to improve it’s speed, especially on uploads?


The only thing rclone crypt uses more of is CPU… Do you have a really slow CPU?

Can you post the times for uploading a 50MB file (say), uploading it with rclone copy direct to drive and also to the crypted drive?


Now took times with the times with the same computer (Dell e5570), 50MB file was exact same and 900MB worth of jpegs crypt took 1min 3sec longer…
I definitely saw it going really slow (minutes for a jpeg, ca 3-4MB) tough this time I had it generate passwords instead of inserting them (16chars, including 2 capital and 3 numbers both)
Sorry for making a post so fast, without testing it more.


I suspect your problem might have been temporary networking problems making things seem slow, but I don’t know!

I don’t think crypt slows things down much at all, but if you can make a reproducible problem I’ll have a go at fixing it :smile: