Why does rclone cryptcheck sometimes fail to find both local and cloud files?

I have a huge backup that I want to verify with cryptcheck, so I created a script that will go from folder to folder instead of the whole backup set. Sometimes, rclone reports things like this:

2017/11/10 17:11:55 ERROR : OKAMAX_049.jpg: File not in Encrypted drive 'aibanezkautsch_Crypt:iMac-Late2012-Sierra/Personal/Artbooks/Artists/O/Okama Nicomi/Okamax'
2017/11/10 17:11:55 ERROR : OKAMAX_049.jpg: File not in Local file system at /Volumes/Personal/Artbooks/Artists/O/Okama Nicomi/Okamax

Ok, it can be understandable it can’t find it at the destination, since things happen. But weird enough is for it to complain about the file being missing in both.

Even weirder is the fact that, when I manually check both the destination and the origin, the file exists in both.

And EVEN weirder! When I download the file from destination, it seems fine (not corrupted or anything).

I suspect this is because you have duplicated files on your drive…

Try running rclone dedupe on the underlying remote - that should sort it out.

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