Who should keep the Service Accounts in Google Drive

Im starting with rclone, sorry in advance if this question is too basic. I haven't created yet my initial config, still creating all the necessary elements. My question about how to configure rclone with Google Drive using service accounts.

While reading the docs in here, I noticed this note:

It need not be the same account as the Google Drive you want to access

So thats what I did, so far I have the following:

  • Main account:
    • Holds the suscription to Google Workspace
    • Will have the Google Group which aggregates the service accounts, not created yet
    • Will have the team drive, not created yet
  • Secondary account:
    • Doesn't have any suscription, its a regular account
    • Has a project created with the relevant APIs enabled and an oauth credential created as the documentation suggests

Now my question is: given that I have created a project in the secondary account that is ready to host the service accounts, can/should I use it? Or maybe its better to create a project in the main account as the project will belong to the organization? If I create a project in the main account, should I still use the secondary account to use the client_id from there?

Im worried that having the service accounts in the secondary account and therefore they won't be part of the organization would lead later on to problems on permissions.


Can someone link me to any piece of documentation to guide me into the right direction? So far everything that I have seen about this doesn't clarify my question about where should I create the service accounts

It really doesn't matter.

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