Which server is better

i have some servers that backup over SFTP in a big server and then this big server move with rclone on Gsuite Account (unlimited).

Actually this server is an old server with 100MBPS , so i would change with a new server.

If you is better which server
ARM Cortex A9 ARMv7 - 2c / 2t - 1GHz
Intel® C2350 (Avoton) - 1 CPU - 2C/2T - 1.7 GHz - x64, VT-x, AES-NI

My goal is work without crash, just for info.
every night i copy about 500-600GB to this server, and every day this server move this 500-600GB on Gsuite Account.

Thank you

How much memory is rclone using? If it fits in the 2GB (which I would have thought it would) then either should work. The one with 4GB is more powerful I'd say and the AES-NI will help speeding up https connections.

on old server (4GB RAM) never exceed 10% so i think max RAM ever use is 500MB.

but ok if cpu intel speed up https i choose that

thank you

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