Which NAS works the best with rclone?

rclone has proven to be the most useful tools for me. I’m in the market to replace my USB disks into NAS. Which NAS works best with rclone ?

I want to be able to use rclone from the NAS, to move/copy data from NAS to GDrive etc. I’m OK to compile libs/binary myself and rooting my NAS as I have done that in the past.

it would be great to be able to use rclone mount from inside NAS to mount GDrive, but maybe this is asking too much…
I’m flexible budget wise but would like to get cheap one when possible.

My current NAS is embedded linux to which I got the root. but the CPU and RAM is way too weak and too not common to build rclone.

You don’t actually need to build a version of rclone if your NAS box runs major OS versions. I have a Synology server (xpenology actually) and it runs rclone with AMD64 precompiled binaries just fine (mount, copy, lsl, etc runs just fine). CPU is only a Celeron 2.4 dual core.

You need to decide what you want, NASes are nowadays from small routers/RasPi to beasts with top i7 or Xeon CPUs, gaming-class video cards with multiple 4k video outputs and tens of GBs of RAM. Depending on your requirements, budget and continent/country (yes, that matter a lot) usually there will be only very few options for you - just look or ask for specific experiences with those. Anything running linux and with Intel CPU will probably work just fine as the previous poster mentioned. But so will more of the lower powered arm-based small NASes. For example the single-bay WD Mycloud NAS (which is otherwise a really messed up small linux box, shame on you WD! - but at least is basically free if you shop around, the whole NAS is no more expensive than the disk inside) runs rclone fine and not only this but it can build from source rclone (via an unofficial debian chrooted install). BTW this is also possible for android via termux and that even without root (of course you can’t mount without root but that’s another story).