Which is better settings for plex?

dir-cache-time 96h
vfs-cache-max-age 48h
vfs-read-chunk-size 20M
vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off
buffer-size 0M
tps limit 9
vfs-cache-mode writes

or cache

chunk size 20M
chunk total size 90G (ssd)
buffer size 256M
tps limit 9

Windows 10
8-12 plex stream at same time

Thanks for help

There really isn't a "best" as each person's setup is fairly unique and depends on quite a number of things in the setup size.

You have confusing settings though as your non cache setup has no buffer set at all, but the cache has buffer set which uses it's own memory management so really should be 0 there.

fast-list does nothing on a mount so can be removed.
no-traverse is for syncing and not used on a mount.

Is there a reason you set the tps limit in both?

Are you having any issues when streaming now?

I use cache (second config), and no have problem

I use tpslimit because I don't want to get api ban

how can i make the best use of the plex media scanner?