When I mounted my gdrive can I use cp instead of rclone copy?

When I mounted my gdrive can I use cp instead of rclone copy ?

Or do I need to use the rclone copy command for it to work correctly ?

For example I want to copy newly added files from two locations /share/Movies and /share/TVShows to my gdrive each night at 2 am.

What command do I need to use cp or rclone copy ?

You can do those standard operations once the remote is mounted, but in my experience it can be glitchy. I prefer to mount remotes and treat them as read-only.


Thank you for the clarification! I will treat them as read-only

Could you take a quick look at this post ? I just want to be sure my copy/move command is correct so I do not mess everything up.

You can always use the --dry-run flag to see what rclone would do when running your command without actually doing it. It’s a good way to ensure you hve your paths right, etc.

Okay alright, I will try that.

Can you recommend any other flags which I should add to my copy/move command to make it more reliable/better?

Trying to find the perfect settings for this actions right now. I want to use those commands to upload new stuff (if there is any) to gdrive each night.

The commands themselves are very reliable on their own. Just run rclone check or rclone cryptcheck every now and then to ensure all your files have been uploaded properly.

One more question how can I make sure it is not overwriting existing files?
So I mean it should skip existing files but if the timestamp of an file it newer on my NAS than on GDrive then it should overwrite the old file.

rclone sync skips existing files and only replaces them when the source file has a more recent modification timestamp than the one in the source. There is an error margin it considers before rewriting the file (i.e. a file that was modified 500ms after the original one may not actually have been modified), but I don’t know what that margin is.

When I delete something then, it will be deleted on the Gdrive aswell right ?

With sync, yes. You can set the backup-dir option to move it there instead and have versioned backup instead of deleting it.

That sounds good so my command should be this then?

  /opt/bin/rclone sync /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/Video/ gcrypt2: --checkers 3 --fast-list --log-file /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/rclone/copy.log -v --tpslimit 3 --transfers 3 --backup-dir gcrypt2:Archive

Or did I misunderstood the documentation about bckup dir option ?

You should probably sync your /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/Video/ directory into a subdirectory in gcrypt2: instead of at the root, because you are keeping the backup directory. Sync may delete your Archive subdirectory.

Alright thank you. For the first time my upload will take quite a while (12TB), how can I check the progress of the uploading ?

With the -vv option.

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