When does '--delete-during' actually delete things?

I'm looking at the docs and I'm trying to figure out when exactly --delete-during deletes files.
From the docs:

Specifying --delete-during will delete files while checking and uploading files. This is the fastest option and uses the least memory.

Preferably, it deletes an old file right before/after the new one is uploaded, rather than the delete-after of waiting until all files are uploaded. But the wording in the docs makes me hesitate; maybe it deletes things during the checking phase?

My upload speed is quite slow, and I'd like to keep existing uploads in place until they're replaced. At the same time, I often am not able to finish a full sync all at once, so --delete-after never comes into effect.

I'm assuming you are talking about rclone sync?

The flags are referring to the source side and when they are deleted.

      --delete-after                         When synchronizing, delete files on destination after transferring (default)
      --delete-before                        When synchronizing, delete files on destination before transferring
      --delete-during                        When synchronizing, delete files during transfer

So my scenario is I've renamed all my folders and am running a sync to get everything up to speed. Most files are renamed properly and moved, but it takes a long time for any files that changed. I'd like it to work maybe per folder where "Okay, renamed folderX to folderY, delete folderX" rather than not deleting anything until the entire sync is finished, which could take days to weeks.

WIth --delete-during rclone deletes objects on the destination as soon as it is sure there isn't a matching source object.

For overwriting a file --delete-XXX makes no difference - this will be done while the object is being uploaded.

All of the delete modes should do this except if writing to the local, ftp and sftp backends.

This is something I'd like to change - make all backends work like this.

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