What's your thoughts on Siacoin?

I kinda stumble upon this subject by accident and it intrigued me that this company is providing encrypted cloud service 1TB for $2 per month. The way it works is users in the platform can host their hard drive space to other users for Siacoins. The person hosting their hard drive won’t be able to access it because it’s encrypted by the renter. The data is divided across other host so if one host computer goes down, the renter will still have access to his/her files from other host in the network. If I understand this correctly, don’t quote me on this. Here’s the link to their website for mor information. Also will Rclone get into cryptocurrency and do a similar service like Sia?


It’s a model similar to the way Wuala worked at the beginning:


I think it is difficult to predict the future of this type of service …