What's your backup plan if / when Google bans us?

I imagine many of us are using Google Drive to the fullest by now. In many cases, our media / Plex libraries are exclusively on Google Drive with no local storage. Given that Amazon Cloud Drive banned rclone and eventually killed the unlimited plan, what is your backup plan if/when Google does something similar?

Local is ideal of course, but I’m curious what other cloud providers people are using for Plex libraries. Can anything match up to Google?

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Google could first enforce the 5 users minimum requirement.
Then they could weigh on those that share outside their organization, if abusing the system.

Let’s not give them ideas now :wink:

Realistically though I do think it’s a good question. I’d imagine they would squash free Drive users’ rclone / GAM capabilities first. If they did the same to G Suite customers (especially paid tiers a la Enterprise) then they’d need to give some kind of Google-branded admin tool to replace it or face serious flight risk from customers.

I’d also hope they cut a check to rclone devs in that case, but I’m not sure that’s an obligation of their “don’t be evil” mantra.

For the hobbyists with Plex servers and the like, I would say cross that bridge when you get there or when you anticipate it. If you wanna be a swindler, (Google employees stop reading here) stand up a G Suite for Nonprofits, do some sysadmin work for a local charity, and embezzle that extra storage space with media. But you didn’t hear that from me!

just wish Google not to run out of Pareto principle.

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