What's the Best command line to

Right now I have 15TB uncrypt in my ACD and Im crypting it by folders…

From Kodi to eKodi
From Private to ePrivate…

Whats the Best way to do this and be sure that files will not be corrupted?

Im using this:

Rclone sync ACD:Kodi eKodi: - - checkers 4 - - transfers 2 - - checksum - vv

This will download and upload the files to do it. If I were you, i’d get a VPS with a big pipe and unlimited bandwidth and do it there with lots of checkers/transfers.

Can you recommend me some VPS for this? I only need to move that.

I have used the basic scaleway 2.99 job for doing something similar.

Thanks I will search it.

I know there are some VPS that they letra you try it for some days… You know some of them?

Digital ocean have various sign up offers and bonuses. There may even be a link on this forum somewhere. You could set one up with them pay by the hour, bin it when your done and still have credit for the next time you need it.