What settings you'd change if you had no API limits?

If you had no API limits, what settings you'd change and why?

Just to curious to see what people would do and why :slight_smile: hopefully that's okay

If we're talking strictly api... I have a higher user limit than most as an individual. That means I never see issues with querying too fast. It helps significantly with checks and such as I can run higher checkers.

I can't say with these I ever hit api limits. (Not confusing this with download limits).

If we're talking more broadly the 750G upload limit is the one I'd like to have higher. Yes I can work around it and I don't but it's annoying when cloning.

I also have higher limits from google. I never thought about increasing checkers when doing sync/moves tho. What value do you use?

For people like us with higher quota, I found it helps a lot to lower the driver pace min sleep to 10 ms


I guess if I had really no API limits, the best value would be 1 ms haha

It depends on what I'm trying to do. Usually 12 or so. I've not messed with the sleep time. I think I will try it.

How did you get it? I requested twice, rejected both times. :frowning: