What is best method to move files from local to mount?

I have 3 dedicated servers, 2 are only encoding video files in small ts file (HLS) and third one is for serve files from mounted folder via http server,
The 2 servers that are only encoding also have a mounted folder where im moving files after encode and rclone move them on remote,
There is another way to move files from local to mount with move cmd, my question is which one best and fast method to move files from local to remote? with mounted folder or with move cmd?
in my case im using Dropbox.


if given a choice, i would choose rclone move over rclone mount
the rclone mount most likely would need to use --vfs-cache-mode and use a local vfs file cache.

@asdffdsa thanks for your attention,
as i only spent time to understand mount cmd, what will be cmd for move source to remote? i need to instantly move files when they are available in source folder.

rclone move /path/to/local/files remote:

how to run this cmd? like we run mount cmd in terminal?

yes, in a terminal

I have to move a folder, there are lot of subfolder inside main folder, and every subfolder contain a lot of files, my question is if i only select main folder in move cmd it will also move all subfolder and files right? do i need any flag to remove source folders/files after move?
Thanks you so much

right, tho a simple test on your part will confirm that for yourself.
can read about it at https://rclone.org/commands/rclone_move/

root@srv22873:~# rclone move source:/www/wwwroot/videos/encode-pinoy/video/ remote:
2022/02/11 23:45:19 Failed to create file system for "source:/www/wwwroot/videos/encode-pinoy/video/": didn't find section in config file

im getting this error

is there a reason to use root?

i always work as root and did all setting with root user

as per the error, rclone cannot find the remote named source in the config file.

i think i dont understand cmd, let me explain you bit more,
remote name in config file is Dropbox, and there are folder/file inside this path /www/wwwroot/videos/encode-pinoy/video/ what i want to move on remote, so what will be the right cmd?

rclone move Dropbox:www/wwwroot/videos/encode-pinoy/video remote: --dry-run -v

root@srv22873:~# rclone move Dropbox:/www/wwwroot/videos/encode-pinoy/video remote: --dry-run -v
2022/02/12 00:30:03 Failed to create file system for "remote:": didn't find section in config file

same error as before, you need to use the correct remote names

remote name is correct because remote is also mounted with rclone mount Dropbox: cmd,

i tried this cmd

rclone move /www/wwwroot/videos/encode-pinoy/video Dropbox: --dry-run -v

and below logs are attached
log.txt (122.5 KB)

looks good,
tho are you sure you want to copy the local files to the root of dropbox instead of a subfolder of dropbox

i suggest running rclone copy without --dry-run
make sure the files get uploaded to dropbox in the correct location.
and once you are sure, run the command using rclone move

thanks for correction i need to move files inside a root folder, plz check below cmd is that right?

rclone move /www/wwwroot/videos/encode-pinoy/video Dropbox: /videos/ --dry-run -v